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EZ-Groom Filthy Beast Detangler/De-Matting Shampoo


De-Mat, De-shed, De-Tangle


EZ Groom Filthy Beast Detangler/De-Matting Shampoo

Also help with De-Shedding!  Best Seller!

  • 16 oz bottle size – 50:1 NATURAL shampoo concentrate available.
  • Special ingredients for detangle, de-shed and de- matting the hair.
  • The botanical extracts in this shampoo are anti-inflammatory and soothing to the skin.
  • Human cosmetic grade dimethicone allowing de-tangling and dematting, for removal of dead hair.
  • very well suited for large animals including horse, cattle and sheep. 50:1 safe for cats.

Weight 1 lbs